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Armchair Adventure Festival – Winter Edition

Welcome to the Winter Armchair Adventure Festival 2020!  We’re live from the 27th-29th November with a whole host of adventurous guests. The speakers are listed below but we release more daily so keep tuning back in to find out who exactly will be live in your living room!

  1. Charley Boorman

    Charley Boorman’s name is intrinsically linked to the world of travel and adventure having successfully produced adventure travel documentaries for the BBC, SKY, Channel Five and the National Geographic Channel since 2004.  His first iconic adventure was the award-winning series Long Way Round biking overland from London to New York via Europe and Asia alongside Ewan McGregor. Charley returned to the saddle with Ewan in 2007 for the Long Way Down, which saw the duo travel from John O’Groats to Cape Town and has just completed the long awaited 'Long Way Up'. This latest instalment in the series sees the pair travel from the tip of South America all the way to Los Angeles on electric motorcycles. Tune in to put your questions to Charley in a live Q&A!
  2. Sean Conway

    Sean is the first person in history to run, cycle and swim the length of Great Britain, he'll be joining us live next Saturday night to answer any questions you might have about it or any of his other many adventures! His many other adventures include cycling around the world, completing the worlds longest unsupported triathlon and even climbing Kilimanjaro dressed as a penguin.
  3. Karl Bushby

    Karl is attempting to complete the longest walk in history. He left the UK in 1998 and has been walking home ever since. So far, Karl has walked from from the very southern most point of South America, all the way to Turkmenistan. He has walked every single step of the way, including through the 'impenetrable' Darian Gap (at a time when it was controlled by the FARC) and across the pack ice from Alaska to Russia! So he has very literally walked the entire way!!
  4. Simon and Lisa Thomas

    Lisa and Simon first went out to ride around the world in May of 2003 and have since ridden an insane 500,00 miles! They’ve survived a broken neck and malaria in the Amazon, being shot at in Russia, traversed 36 deserts, and were threatened with expulsion having been wrongfully accused of kidnapping a President’s son. They have helped to define adventure motorcycling as we know it and after 16 years on the road they've got more than a few stories to share!
  5. Jamie Ramsay

    Over the last 5 years, Jamie has taken on 30,000 km's of human powered adventures through 28 countries. Jamie is best known for his outrageous, 17,000 km run from Canada to Argentina but his CV of adventure is bursting with crazy challenges most of us couldn't dream up!
  6. Nick Sanders MBE

    Nick Sanders MBE
    Nick has bicycled around the world twice, the first time in 139 days and the second time in 79 days, both Guinness Records. He has also cycled across the Sahara, the length of the Americas, first person to ride to the source of the White Nile, twice around the coast of Britain, the second time of 4600 miles in 22 days is a current Guinness record since 1984. Nick has also motorcycled a million kilometres and 7 times around the world, the 5th time in 19 days. He is the only person to have bicycled and motorcycled around the world. He has also motorcycled the length of the Americas 8 times, the fastest time in 21 days. Nick has written 15 books and made 70 programmes for TV. In 2019 Nick was awarded an MBE in the Queens Birthday Honours for services to Endurance Motorcycling and Cycling.
  7. Billy Ward

    There’s no shortage of colourful characters in the world of motorcycle travel. Some inspire with their thoughtful insight and curiosity, some with their remarkable riding ability and resourcefulness, while others entertain through sheer strength of personality and their passion for life. Few people qualify on all those counts, but Billy Ward is one of them.
  8. Steph Jeavons

    Steph Jeavons
    Steph’s the first person ride a motorcycle on all seven continents while circumnavigating the globe. This whopping around the world trip took 4 years to complete and since then, she has gone on to lead the first all-female team of motorcyclists to Everest Base Camp. Impressive stuff! Steph has just launched a new book about the trip and her life in general called ‘Home By Seven’.
  9. Craig and Aimee – AKA Kinging It

    Craig and Aimee are a hugely adventurous pair who, as they like to put it, "go out and do it wrong so you can go and do it right!". Over the past few years they’ve done some ridiculous things including tackling the Mongol rally back in 2018 and driving a Rickshaw the length of India! They now live on the road and they're returning to the Armchair Adventure Festival to give us a guided tour of their converted bus called Custard!
  10. Helen Lloyd

    Helen spends most of her time travelling. Even when she’s working to save up for the next trip, she maintains the freedom of an itinerant lifestyle by residing in her van. For her first big overland journey, she cycled from the UK to Cape Town. Since then she’s pedalled down North and Central America and across Asia, pack-rafted in Nicaragua, bought and ridden a horse in Kyrgyzstan, and paddled a pirogue down the Niger River in Guinea.
  11. Kirk Willams

    Kirk Willams
    Kirk’s a C6 quadriplegic adventure photographer who loves to travel. Kirk broke his neck in 2009 mountain biking but has refused to sit still. Kirk’s latest project ‘Impact Overland’ has seen him raise over $20,000 for the Walkabout Foundation! After realising the freedom he could achieve through overlanding in a camper van, Kirk conjured the idea to drive from Santiago, Chile to Patagonia before working his way back north to Colombia. The adventure was cut short in Argentina thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  12. Elspeth Beard

    Elspeth is a motorcyclist and award-winning architect. In 1982, at the age of just twenty-three, Elspeth set off on a 35,000 mile solo adventure around the world on her 1974 BMW R60/6 and became the first British woman to motorcycle around the world. Elspeth will be joining us for a live Q&A so get your questions at the ready!
  13. Dylan Wickrama

    Dylan Wickrama
    When you translate Wickrama into English, it literally means “Adventure” and with that everything is summed up about the man and his passion! In 2010 Dylan started his epic adventure "Around The World 360" by getting on his beloved motorcycle named Bruce and headed into the horizon in search of new adventures. Travelling without plans, on a tight budget and journeying on a motorcycle around the world strengthen your creativity says Dylan. And that creativity helped him to resolve problems ingeniously. When roads end that's when Dylan can show you where you find courage to build rafts to cross oceans!
  14. Sam Manicom

    Sam has spent 8 years travelling the world by motorcycle, 4 of which were on his own, the other 4 spent with his equally legendary, partner in crime, Birgit. During this time, Sam covered a whopping 200,000 miles all on his iconic motorcycle Libby. Sam has gone on to write four equally fascinating books about his time on the road.
  15. Ben King

    When just 17 years old Ben miraculously survived a serious car crash, and with a second chance at life and realising just how precious and short life can be he decided to leave school, delay university and fled the UK to travel! He has spent the past 7 years riding motorcycles around the world; including across Asia, Central and South America, North Africa and most recently riding overland from London to China via Iran and Pakistan, which he decided to document on social media, and this journey alone took 2 years to complete. Once the world reopens again Ben plans on heading back out to his Honda CRF250L in Lahore to carry on from where he left off and continue east completing his circumnavigation of the world.
  16. Ben Morison

    Adventure tour operator Ben Morison is the founder of the Flipflopi Project, an undertaking designed to highlight the problem of plastic ocean pollution by sailing a boat made entirely of recycled plastic waste - mostly flip flops - down the coast of East Africa to Zanzibar!
  17. Ben Page

    Ben's a multi-award winning film maker, adventurer and photographer based in the UK. We will be screening his incredible film 'The Frozen Road' which sees him cycle to the Arctic Ocean on the final stretch of his bicycle ride through the Americas.
  18. Mark Holmes

    After the devastating loss of his wife and the loss of his business, in the same two week period, Mark decided he had to turn his life upside down in order to cope with the huge hole that was left. He decided to get on his motorbike and venture off in to the world with an open heart. In riding the world's largest production vehicle around the entire planet, Mark made a new life for himself.
  19. Vanessa Ruck – AKA The Girl On A Bike

    After being hit by a car while cycling in 2014, Vanessa's world was turned upside down. Motorcycles weren't a part of her life before the accident, but have been instrumental in her recovery. She's an enduro and Harley rider and is determined to make the most of every day.
  20. Roxy Kielkowska AKA RTW Roxy

    Roxy has had a love affair with bikes since her late teens. After passing her test, she got several European trips under her belt whilst dreaming of going round the world. Realising it was now or never, she was just 23 when she set off on her solo circumnavigation on a 20-year-old sports bike.
  21. Chris Venter

    Chris, AKA The Blind Adventurer, has been adventuring for years, but became blind in 2013 following an illness contracted on a scooter trip from Cape Town to Dublin. He hasn't let being blind stop his adventures though, far from it in fact!
  22. Gordon May

    Travelling extensively overland by motorbike since his first 6-month tour of India back in 1986, Gordon May has a penchant for older machinery. The slower pace perhaps? Maybe it's the straightforward maintenance. Either way he's ridden a WW2 Matchless to Vietnam, a tiny BSA Bantam to Egypt, an Enfield to India and has just completed a trans Africa trip.
  23. Graham Hoskins

    Producer, writer and director Graham Hoskins is best known from Adventure Bike TV and for his various motorcycle documentaries. The first in his Motorbike Diaries films saw him and Danny John-Jules (The Cat from Red Dwarf) go on a 7,000-mile Mediterranean motorcycle adventure.
  24. Tim and Marisa Notier

    Tim and Marisa Notier, AKA Notiers Frontiers, are currently riding around the world on their KTM 1190. Tim and Marisa, quit their jobs back in 2017 and have been on the road ever since - travelling through over 20 countries, 2 up on their motorbike. After spending 2 years riding from Chicago to Ushuaia, they have now found themselves in the heart of the African continent quarantined in Uganda. We'll be dialling in to get the low down on the lock-down where they are.