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The first ever Armchair Adventure Festival welcomed a host of adventurers from all kinds of backgrounds. New speakers for the December festival will be announced in the build up to the event.

  1. Inge Solheim

    Inge Solheim - Inge is best known for leading the Walking With The Wounded expeditions to the North and South Poles with Prince Harry. He featured in the resulting TV series which was shown in over 60 countries worldwide. He has also featured in, or managed, safety and logistics for numerous TV shows including BBC’s Blizzard and 71 Degrees North. He is the worlds leading guide in polar environments and he'll be on to talk about his journeys to the coldest places on our planet.
  2. Charley Boorman

    Charley Boorman’s name is intrinsically linked to the world of travel and adventure having successfully produced adventure travel documentaries for the BBC, SKY, Channel Five and the National Geographic Channel since 2004.  His first iconic adventure was the award-winning series Long Way Round biking overland from London to New York via Europe and Asia alongside Ewan McGregor. Charley returned to the saddle with Ewan in 2007 for the Long Way Down, which saw the duo travel from John O’Groats to Cape Town and has just completed the long awaited 'Long Way Up'. This latest instalment in the series sees the pair travel from the tip of South America all the way to Los Angeles on electric motorcycles. Tune in to put your questions to Charley in a live Q&A!
  3. Kiran Jethwa

    Kiran Jethwa - Kiran is the presenter of popular UK Channel 4 cooking show, Extreme Food, as well as being one of the hosts of Food Unwrapped (also on Channel 4). He is regarded as Kenya’s first celebrity chef and widely recognised for his adventurous approach to cooking. Extreme Food follows Kiran as he travels around the globe discovering indigenous ingredients and extreme methods of harvesting. Kiran is a keen traveller and has developed his self taught talent for cooking through his own life experiences.
  4. Steph

    Steph Jeavons - As the first person to circumnavigate the globe and ride a motorcycle on all seven continents, Steph's around the world trip took a whopping 4 years to complete and since then, she has gone on to lead the first all-female team of motorcyclists to Everest Base Camp. Impressive stuff!
  5. Ted Simon

    Ted Simon - Whether you know it or not, Ted Simon is probably the reason you're into adventure motorcycling. His book Jupiter's Travels, which documents his trailblazing four-year journey around the world on a Triumph motorcycle, has been inspiring people to ride since it was first published in 1979. Ted will be joining us for a Q&A session so get your questions at the ready for the original adventure motorcyclist.    
  6. Jamie Ramsay

    Over the last 5 years, Jamie has taken on 30,000 km's of human powered adventures through 28 countries. Jamie is best known for his outrageous, 17,000 km run from Canada to Argentina but his CV of adventure is bursting with crazy challenges most of us couldn't dream up!
  7. Claudio von Planta

    Claudio von Planta –  Multi award winning documentary film maker, Claudio von Planta, is an international traveller and explorer with a worldwide following. His fly on the wall technique and fearless professionalism are outstanding - he was one of the few people to interview Osama Bin Laden back in Afghanistan. A wacky, somewhat crazy character - an innocence laced with a well-informed world view results in an intriguing contradiction. It's an irresistible concoction that endears viewers. Ewan McGregor acknowledged that the success of Long Way Round was part due to the work of Claudio, both on and off camera. Claudio is Swiss born but based in central London and we are all wondering – does he still have his Long Way Round BMW motorcycle in the garage! Find out this weekend.
  8. Natalia Cohen

    Natalia Cohen - Natalia is best known for being part of the Coxless Crew, a team of women who set two world records and gained an international following, rowing unsupported across the Pacific Ocean for 9 months. This was a journey of just under 9000 miles from San Francisco, USA to Cairns, Australia in a 29ft pink ocean rowing boat called Doris! Natalia will be joining us to chat about the challenges of adventure at sea! There is a fantastic documentary on Netflix called 'Losing sight of shore' about Natalia's ocean row - watch it if you can!  
  9. Chaz Powell

    Chaz Powell - After exploring and hiking the globe for the past 16 years. Chaz's ongoing project 'The Wildest Journey' is all about his remote explorations by foot along Africa's wildest rivers. With the main focus and objective behind the journeys being to raise funds and awareness for wildlife conservation and anti poaching. During 2016/17 Chaz spent 137 days walking over 3000km from source to sea along the Zambezi River and in 2019 spent 47 days walking 1120km from source to sea along the Gambia river.
  10. Elspeth Beard

    Elspeth is a motorcyclist and award-winning architect. In 1982, at the age of just twenty-three, Elspeth set off on a 35,000 mile solo adventure around the world on her 1974 BMW R60/6 and became the first British woman to motorcycle around the world. Elspeth will be joining us for a live Q&A so get your questions at the ready!
  11. Lisa and Simon Thomas

    Lisa and Simon Thomas (2ridetheworld) - Lisa and Simon first went out to ride around the world in May of 2003 and have since ridden an insane 500,00 miles! They’ve survived a broken neck and malaria in the Amazon, being shot at in Russia, traversed 36 deserts, and were threatened with expulsion having been wrongfully accused of kidnapping a President’s son. After 16 years on the road they've got more than a few stories to share!    
  12. Candida

    Candida Louis - In her own words Candida is "an Indian Girl Riding the world". She most certainly is! Candida has ridden in every state in India and has ridden all the way from her home town in India to Sydney Australia. She's already an adventure motorcycling legend
  13. Sam Manicom

    Sam has spent 8 years travelling the world by motorcycle, 4 of which were on his own, the other 4 spent with his equally legendary, partner in crime, Birgit. During this time, Sam covered a whopping 200,000 miles all on his iconic motorcycle Libby. Sam has gone on to write four equally fascinating books about his time on the road.
  14. Tiffany Coates

    Tiffany Coates - Tiffany has ridden her motorcycle over 300,000 miles, crossing every continent, some of them several times and each year heads off on new adventures. She’s ridden just about everywhere including Timbuctoo, Outer Mongolia, Madagascar and Borneo. Remote riding adventures are her passion, one that Tiffany now also shares with others in her role as one of the world’s leading freelance motorcycle guides.
  15. Billy Ward

    Billy Ward - There’s no shortage of colourful characters in the world of motorcycle travel. Some inspire with their thoughtful insight and curiosity, some with their remarkable riding ability and resourcefulness, while others entertain through sheer strength of personality and their passion for life. Few people qualify on all those counts, but Billy Ward is one of them.
  16. Cathy Nel and Spencer Conway

    Cathy Nel and Spencer Conway - Spencer and Cathy will be giving us the lowdown on the lock-down in Mexico where they are currently riding. This adventurous pair have racked up more than 100,000km's on their motorbike and aim to circumnavigate every continent on earth. They push the limits of adventure motorcycling and if it wasn't for Covid-19, they would currently be attempting to pass the through the Darien Gap!
  17. Kinging-It

    Kinging-it - Craig and Aimee are a hugely adventurous pair who, as they like to put it, "go out and do it wrong so you can go and do it right!". Over the past few years they’ve done some ridiculous things including tackling the Mongol rally back in 2018 and driving a Rickshaw the length of India! Their ability to get things horribly wrong is something that we love and can absolutely relate to.
  18. Nathan Millward

    Nathan Millward - Reluctant adventurer,  Nathan Millward started with small bikes, riding a Honda CT110 postie bike home from Australia to England, and then across America and up to Alaska. He worked for Adventure Bike Rider magazine for a bit before doing other things, including running the Garbage Run Tours. He now runs a part-time daddy day care centre and dog grooming business. He'll be talking about small bikes and their suitability for big trips.
  19. Olie Hunter Smith

    Olie Hunter Smart - Olie takes a slower pace to his adventures than some of our other speakers and has taken on some truly remarkable human powered challenges. Most recently, Olie walked 4,500km, the length of India, to uncover untold stories of Partition and Independence and in 2015 Olie became one of only a handful of people to travel the full length of the Amazon River on foot and by kayak.
  20. Tim and Marisa Notier

    Tim and Marisa Notier, AKA Notiers Frontiers, are currently riding around the world on their KTM 1190. Tim and Marisa, quit their jobs back in 2017 and have been on the road ever since - travelling through over 20 countries, 2 up on their motorbike. After spending 2 years riding from Chicago to Ushuaia, they have now found themselves in the heart of the African continent quarantined in Uganda. We'll be dialling in to get the low down on the lock-down where they are. 

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