Before The Festival

Q: How do I sign up to the festival?

Head to the Armchair Adventure Festival website and click Get Your Free Ticket. You will receive an email and will need to click “Yes, subscribe me to this list”. You will then receive a welcome email with more info.

Q: I signed up but didn’t receive an email…

Check your spam account. If the setup email hasn’t been received within 15 minutes, please complete the sign-up form again.

*It might be worth adding us as a contact to make sure the Armchair Adventure Festival email reaches you on the day.

Q: Where will the festival be streamed?

It will be streamed through the festival website and on YouTube. You will receive a link to the event on the day once you have signed up.

Q: What time zone is the festival in?

UK time, which is GMT+0

Q: I’m not in UK time zone, help?!

You can work out the time difference and still join us on the day. Sessions will also be recorded and available for a limited time so you will be able to catch up.

Q: Is the festival free?

Yes, the event is completely free.

Q: Where can I hang out before the festival?

The Armchair Adventure Festival private Facebook group. (You will receive a link in your welcome email once you sign up on the Armchair Adventure Festival website detailed above).

During The Festival

Q: How do I access the festival on the day?

Once you have signed up you will receive an email on the day with a unique link to access the event.

Q: Can I watch the festival on Facebook Live?

The film will not be live on Facebook. Please sign up for a free ticket to ensure you receive your link for access to the stream on the day.

Q: Will the sessions be audio only or video too?

The sessions will include live video.

Q: Will the speakers be able to see me?

No! It’s just like TV but you can type questions in the chat box.

Q: Do I need any special software like Zoom?

No! You can watch with any internet browser or on YouTube.

Q: Will I be able to ask questions live?

There will be a live chat box you can use during the festival.

Q: How can I support the festival?

Visit the Armchair Adventure Festival shop.

After The Festival

Q: Will I be able to watch sessions after the Festival?

The Q&A sessions will be made available after the event.