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We’re assembling the word’s most knowledgeable adventurers to teach a world class, crash course in adventure. Check out below for the speakers who are already released and make sure you keep an eye on this page for the many more speakers to come! Convinced you’re ready for the adventure? Grab an early bird ticket on the button below before 31st January!

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  1. Karl Bushby

    Karl is attempting to complete the longest walk in history. He left the UK in 1998 and has been walking home ever since. So far, Karl has walked from from the very southern most point of South America, all the way to Turkmenistan. He has walked every single step of the way, including through the 'impenetrable' Darian Gap (at a time when it was controlled by the FARC) and across the pack ice from Alaska to Russia! So he has very literally walked the entire way!! Karl will be drawing on his experience from crossing the pack-ice, hacking his way through the impenetrable Darien Gap, to teach us about planning for these places and the general preparation for extreme enviroments.
  2. Austin Vince

    Austin is adventure filmmaking royalty. Co-founder of the Adventure Travel Film Festival, Austin has likely seen more adventure films than any other human on the planet. He's also made two hit TV series and knows everything there is to know about shooting your own adventure film. Austin will be teaching a Masterclass on 'How to make a film of your adventures'. This is a must do session if you're thinking of filming your trip!
  3. Simon and Lisa Thomas

    Lisa and Simon first went out to ride around the world in May of 2003 and have since ridden an insane 500,00 miles! They have helped to define adventure motorcycling as we know it! They are professional adventurers who will be sharing their skills with us. They'll be doing a masterclass in photography, a workshop in cooking on the road and a presentation about their 17 years in the saddle.
  4. Kinga Tanajewska

    Kinga's been 'On Her Bike' since 2017 when she quit her job in Australia and set off to ride around the world on a motorbike.  Her current trip is called the 'Are we there yet?' tour because she doesn't know where it will end! She joined us to chat about her adventurers at one of our film nights back in 2020 when she was stuck in Poland, but has since managed to get back on the road and is now making her way through Africa! Having been on the road since 2017 the obvious, million dollar question is how does she afford it? Well, we're going to find out as she'll be delivering a workshop on 'making money on your adventures'!  It's one you definitely don't want to miss and for anyone who has ambitions to travel and make money to keep you going this will be the ideal workshop for you!
  5. Tiffany Coates

    Tiffany is probably the world’s foremost female motorcycle traveller having ridden over 300,000 miles, crossing every continent, some of them several times. She’s travelled just about everywhere and classes her more remote exploits as her favourite journeys- Timbuctoo, Outer Mongolia, Tibet, Madagascar and Borneo . Tiffany not only has an international reputation as a traveller, but she is also a highly qualified and experienced self-defence tutor. She’s taught classes all over the world with a focus on inspiring and enabling others to travel. With all this in mind we're delighted to be welcoming Tiffany to join us at bootcamp. She'll be delivering a masterclass on 'Staying safe in the wild places', something that is absolutely critical for any adventure.
  6. Candida Louis

    In her own words Candida is "an Indian Girl Riding the world". She most certainly is! Candida has ridden in every state in India and has ridden all the way from her home town in India to Sydney Australia. She's already an adventure motorcycling legend and was a huge hit at the first Armchair Adventure Festival. Candida will be delivering a workshop on 'Adventuring In India'. India is high up on many peoples list for where to adventure to when international travel resumes and we think nobody is better placed to give us tips on the best locations, roads and hidden gems than Candida.
  7. Richard Pyshorn

    Richard Pyshorn is the Managing Director of Survival Wisdom, a Cornish based Survival and Resilience training organisation. He spent 30 years as a Force Protection specialist in the UK Armed Forces; specialising in protection of high value assets in threat environments around the world. Having experience of 10 operational tours of duty, he has survived in environments from the Middle East to Central American jungles; having completed some of the most arduous and toughest courses within the British military. Richard has been a trainer for 30 years and is qualified in numerous areas such as NEBOSH General Tech, IOSH Managing Safely, Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 7, ILM Level 5 in Coaching for Management. Along with many operational awards and citations and in recognition of a very full and rewarding career, he was asked to become a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in 2013. With all this in mind, we think Richard is going to be perfect for delivering a session in Adventure First Aid, which really can be the difference between life and death.
  8. Sam Manicom

    Sam has spent 8 years travelling the world by motorcycle, 4 of which were on his own, the other 4 spent with his equally legendary partner in crime, Birgit. During this time, Sam covered a whopping 200,000 miles. Sam will be doing a workshop on what gear you might want to consider taking on a big adventure. This class has the potential to save you lots of money on buying unnecessary stuff!
  9. Steph Jeavons

    Steph is the first person to ride a motorbike on all seven continents while circumnavigating the globe. This giant around the world trip took 4 years to complete. Steph travelled the world independently and will be doing a presentation on top tips for all of those budding adventurers out there who may be nervous about taking on solo adventures.


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