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The Armchair Adventure Festival is the world’s first all-live virtual adventure festival! In April 2020 we screened three days of talks, live Q&A’s and films from some of the world’s most adventurous people and now we’re coming back for a winter edition! We’ll be going live once more from the 27th-29th November with a whole host of adventurous guests. The festival is completely free to attend but if you would like to you can make a voluntary donation to our chosen charity for the event which is COCO – an international children’s charity.

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Who's Coming?

  1. Simon and Lisa Thomas

    Simon and Lisa Thomas

    Lisa and Simon first went out to ride around the world in May of 2003 and have since ridden an insane 500,00 miles! They’ve survived a broken neck and malaria in the Amazon, being shot at in Russia, traversed 36 deserts, and were threatened with expulsion having been wrongfully accused of kidnapping a President’s son. They have helped to define adventure motorcycling as we know it and after 16 years on the road they've got more than a few stories to share!
  2. Charley Boorman

    Charley Boorman

    Charley Boorman’s name is intrinsically linked to the world of travel and adventure having successfully produced adventure travel documentaries for the BBC, SKY, Channel Five and the National Geographic Channel since 2004.  His first iconic adventure was the award-winning series Long Way Round biking overland from London to New York via Europe and Asia alongside Ewan McGregor. Charley returned to the saddle with Ewan in 2007 for the Long Way Down, which saw the duo travel from John O’Groats to Cape Town and has just completed the long awaited 'Long Way Up'. This latest instalment in the series sees the pair travel from the tip of South America all the way to Los Angeles on electric motorcycles. Tune in to put your questions to Charley in a live Q&A!
  3. Karl Bushby

    Karl Bushby

    Karl is attempting to complete the longest walk in history. He left the UK in 1998 and has been walking home ever since. So far, Karl has walked from from the very southern most point of South America, all the way to Turkmenistan. He has walked every single step of the way, including through the 'impenetrable' Darian Gap (at a time when it was controlled by the FARC) and across the pack ice from Alaska to Russia! So he has very literally walked the entire way!!
  4. Sean Conway

    Sean Conway

    Sean is the first person in history to run, cycle and swim the length of Great Britain, he'll be joining us live next Saturday night to answer any questions you might have about it or any of his other many adventures! His many other adventures include cycling around the world, completing the worlds longest unsupported triathlon and even climbing Kilimanjaro dressed as a penguin.

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